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Lee-Leet Fans Finance Her Tour! SellaBand News (17-07-2012)

Poland based solo artist Lee-Leet (pronounced like the mythical Lady Demon, Lilith) has just raised money from her fans on SellaBand to finance her tour and to promote her latest album “Leave It Behind”. SellaBand is the world’s premium independent music crowd funding platform.

Lee-Leet, who plays the piano, produces and publishes her own music, recorded and self-released her debut album, “State of Emergency”, in 2009. She took it to just one radio station: the cult Channel 3 of the Polish Radio. It got played and the listeners' interest led to more airplay in Poland and internationally. Within two years since her debut, Lee-Leet self-released two more albums.

In June 2012, Lee-Leet had her song "So High" licensed for use by the gaming giant Rock Band Network, an interactive music video game published by Harmonix Music Systems. This way she joined celebrated bands including Evanescence, Tina Guo, Gary Dean Smith and others. "So High" is the first Polish production to have found its way into the Rock Band Network. The game has a fan base of millions of users worldwide.

“So High” also made it to number 3 on the Polish rock charts at Antyradio in the first week of listing. As a result, Lee-Leet was mentioned in the mainstream press article: "Thanks to the Internet, the independent Polish artist Lee-Leet with her hit song "So High" is winning in radio charts for the few weeks running against artists from major record companies. This is the sign of the things to come, the future that the middlemen will find hard to accept" – from the article "Goodbye Record Labels" that argues about the end of the era of major record labels published in the 5-11 March 2012 edition of the Polish weekly opinion magazine "Wprost".

Concert dates and locations will soon be posted on Lee-Leet’s website www.lee-leet.com and on her Facebook profile. Watch this space and see you there!