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"So High" On Rock Band Network (08-06-2012)

"So High" On Rock Band Network / 50k Magazine

Lee-Leet's song "So High" from her latest album was picked for the world renowned video game, Rock Band Network. She is joining celebrated bands including Evanescence, Tina Guo, Gary Dean Smith and others. "So High" is so far the only Polish production to be licensed for use by Rock Band Network!

About Lee-Leet:
Lee-Leet is the artistic name for indie singer-songwriter-composer whose origin is in Poland. The multi-talented Lee-Leet plays the piano, produces and publishes her own music. She assumed the name Lee-Leet inspired by the mythical Lady Demon, Lilith (both are pronounced the same in Polish). Lee-Leet’s song “So High” made it to number 3 on the Polish rock charts at Antyradio in the first week of listing. As a result, Lee-Leet was mentioned in the mainstream press article "Goodbye Record Labels" that argues about the end of the era of major record labels and the onset of a new era where independent artists reach out to their audience through the Internet.

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